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We’ve all seen them, the flashy cars with the customised license plates, something so small on the car, but makes such a big impression on everyone that sees it. Are exclusive mobile numbers the next big thing to help people stand out of the crowd?

The ultimate question in this case is not necessarily the what, but the why. What reason would anyone have for wanting to customise their license plate or mobile number. Beyond the obvious reason of ‘it looks nice’ an exclusive number at least, has several benefits that can in some cases really bring value and convenience to some aspects of your life:

Easy to Remember
If you are running a business or working as a sole trader, having a number that is easy to remember can sometimes be the difference between getting a call back and being forgotten forever. In such a fast moving world people are becoming ever more restless and the demand for everything to be made easy and effortless is at an all time high. Think about it, if I told you my business number was 07972947812 are you even remotely likely to remember it without writing it down or saving it on your phone? Now what if I told you it was 074 46 46 46 46, are you more or less likely to remember?

It Really does look Nice
It is probably cliche to say that this is a benefit of having an exclusive number but if you think about it, it is no different to having a memorable catch phrase, or a fancy logo. Little things make people remember you fondly (or not) and your number is no different. Sure, nobody is going to go broadcasting to the world how amazing your number is and how easy it is to remember, but just like looking at a well designed logo and taking a business more seriously because of it, seeing an exclusive number will promote a professional brand.

Work Hard Play Hard
It doesn’t have to be all about business, there are benefits of an exclusive number outside of the corporate world. Ever tried to give your number to someone you’ve just met and you instantly forget your own name? Happens to the best of us, but with an exclusive number long gone are the days where you struggle, and not only that but when you say it, you have yourself an all but guaranteed conversation topic for the next few minutes while your peers bask in your glory.

Unlike with license plates, exclusive numbers don’t have the crazy price tags on them (well most of them don’t anyway). So it really doesn’t take much for you to get a memorable number for yourself or your business.

Now if you look at the license plate example, the key benefit other than the image it gives, is that people will know exactly who you are and when you are around (this could in fact have a negative impact for some). You also have to take into account the extra costs involved when buying a new car, the fees to move the license plate over, the paperwork to prove it’s your license plate to begin with, the hefty price tags on the ones worth buying. Really makes you wonder if it’s at all worth it. With an exclusive number however, you don’t have any of this headache, it’s attached to your sim card so if you get a new phone you just switch it over and don’t have to worry about anything.

Ultimately, both exclusive license plates and numbers have their appeals, they can give you that little push in both your private and public affairs to make you both stand out and become that much more memorable. But between the 2, getting yourself an exclusive number is certainly the more practical (and cheaper) option, unless of course you get both in which case you really will be the cream of the crop.

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© 2020 Exclusive Numbers. Exclusive Numbers is a sector of ENU Limited. Company Reg No. 08911405

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