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2 WhatsApp = 1 Phone

It’s safe to say just about everyone with a smartphone has got Whatsapp too. It has quickly become one of the most crucial must-have apps and is well established in the messaging ecosystem. Whilst there are many competitors many of which offer great service and a great product, it is very unlikely any will overtake Whatsapp as the default messaging app (or not any time soon anyway).

One of the surprisingly few limitations of Whatsapp is the fact you can only have one account per device. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a limitation per se, most social media apps have now allowed multiple accounts and even though Whatsapp isn’t a social media platform, the high expectations from consumers means that such features tend to be demanded by users especially if it is available elsewhere.
For now, you can only have 1 account (or 1 number) per device meaning if you want another Whatsapp account you would need another phone. This is not an issue for most people as nobody needs a secondary number, however, in some cases, it is necessary if not critical. If you are running a business, one of the first things you will do is get yourself another number to separate your normal calls from your business ones. There was a time where you also had no choice but to buy another phone and this now meant you had to walk around with 2 phones and this could slowly become quite an inconvenience. As always, technology has come to the rescue and dual sim phones are becoming more common allowing consumers worldwide to have 2 sim cards and therefore 2 mobile numbers both attached to a single phone.
This brings us to the next dilemma. You now have 2 numbers in the 1 phone, but Whatsapp only allows you to connect 1 number so which do you choose? Do you go with your private number and put up your family photo from the summer break as your profile picture, or do you use Whatsapp for your business and stick to logos and promotions instead of selfies. Thankfully you can now do both! That’s right, whilst maintaining the 1 number per device concept Whatsapp went and created a completely separate app that works in a pretty much identical manner and named it ‘Whatsapp for Business.’ You can choose to transfer your current Whatsapp number to it or set up a brand new one, this means even without a dual sim phone you could still have 2 Whatsapp accounts (you would just need to verify the new number via SMS as you do for the normal account).
Moreover, Whatsapp for business comes with some pretty cool features too, specifically made to enhance your business capabilities on the app. It won’t be rushing to compete with the social media platforms as the place for people to discover businesses but here are 3 of the standout ones:
1. Business Profile – if someone looks at your profile you can now include more than just a name and status. You can include a website, description, website, address and more. So from just having your number, users can now get all the details about your business without you lifting a finger.
2. Labels – you can create preset labels and use them on chats and messages. Examples include ‘Potential Customer,’ ‘Invoice Sent,’ ‘Invoice Paid’ and the ability to create as many as you want. You can then go into your settings and view chats and messages belonging to those labels only. Great for grouping those messages that tend to get lost in conversation.
3. Catalogue – whatever you are selling, be it products or services, you can create a basic catalogue that will be visible in your profile for all to see. You can add an image, a name, and optionally include a price and/or URL. These products are verified by Whatsapp before they are pushed to your live profile and you can send them in chat the way you would send a photo or document. When a user opens these products they get taken to your catalogue where they will see the details along with ‘more products.’ So you are getting a mini shopfront on your Whatsapp profile.

The best part is, you don’t have to necessarily use the second number for the business. You only need a number to activate the app and you can essentially use it however you want, so whilst it was designed for business nothing is stopping you setting it up as a personal account and maybe instead of products you could add what meals you enjoy cooking, or upcoming events that you want to invite people to. You can get as creative as you like.

Better yet, why don’t you get yourself an exclusive number to brag to all your friends about? Business or personal use it will certainly make your Whatsapp profile look that much better too, and we have a range of numbers at very affordable prices so nothing can get in the way between you and Whatsapp supremacy!

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© 2020 Exclusive Numbers. Exclusive Numbers is a sector of ENU Limited. Company Reg No. 08911405

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