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42 Upper Berkeley St, London, W1H 5PW


How does it work?

After the purchase has been completed, we will send you your new number on a ready to use SIM card, as well as a welcome pack that includes a detailed step by step guide on how to change ownership, change networks (if need be), top up, etc

Will the number be registered to my name?

Yes. Once you receive your new sim card we will send you log in details in order to change ownership, then the number is yours to keep forever

What should I expect after I complete the purchase?

For Pac Code: The PAC code will be emailed to you, which you will need to be provider to you current network provider. It is that simple!

For other delivery options: The sim card will be sent out with a welcome letter explaining everything from A-Z, i.e how to top up, how to change ownership, how to add data & more

Can the number be on any network of my choice?

Yes any number can be transferred to any UK network of your choice using a PAC code. Simply contact us and we can will provide you with the PAC code

What happens if I lose the sim card

Simply log in to your online account (which will be provided with the original sim card) and order a replacement sim. It is that simple!

Do numbers work outside the UK?

Yes, all the numbers work all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, your Exclusive Number will be with you

I already have a contract can I transfer the number on to it?

Yes your contract will continue as normal. Your old number will be replaced with your new exclusive number. You will need a PAC code which we will provide you with. Simply select “pac code” for delivery and we will email it over to you right away

© 2020 Exclusive Numbers. Exclusive Numbers is a sector of ENU Limited. Company Reg No. 08911405

© 2020 Exclusive Numbers.
Exclusive Numbers is a sector of ENU Limited.
Company Reg No. 08911405
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